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Best Primary School in South 24 Parganas Following CBSE Curriculum

What is sown in the fertile mind of a child lasts a lifetime and influences their behaviour when they grow to be adults. Apart from reading, writing and arithmetic, children learn social behaviour, responsibilities and personality development under the guidance of experienced professionals, which is what Jyoti Sishu Vihar has been doing for years with aplomb.

So, goes without saying, Jyoti Shishu Vihar is the best choice for your child. It is considered as the best and most sought-after primary School in South 24 Parganasthat follows the CBSE curriculum. Jyoti Shishu Vihar provides students the exposure to activities, new ideas, and fields of knowledge they might never have otherwise. These experiences open up many new areas of interests among children which turn them into champions of shining human examples later in their lives.

Why choose Jyoti Shishu Vihar:

  •  Jyoti Shishu Vihar provides best education with advanced technology, which encourages every student to realize his or her true potential
  •  Jyoti Shishu Vihar develops skills to help each student become a sensitive, empathetic, responsible person
  •  Jyoti Shishu Vihar is the only and best primary School in South 24 Parganas, situated in southern Kolkata near Sonarpur, which teaches the students through activity-based learning.

Branches of Jyoti Shishu Vihar:

Jyoti Shishu Vihar is the only and best primary school in South Kolkata as well as the South 24 Parganas which follows the CBSE curriculum. This primary school has three branches at:

  •  Sonarpur
  •  Garia
  •  Minakhan

Jyoti Shishu Vihar not only provides quality education but also equips students with skills through extracurricular activities. The school is the best primary school in South 24 Parganas which actively conducts classes for chess, skating, karate, yoga and many other such interesting activities.